U:geene studio CANDLE ‘SNOWMAN’

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– Rapeseed wax used for candles is made in Europe and is one of the most popular waxes in the world. It is one of the most ecological and environmentally friendly waxes produced from constantly renewable sources (rapeseed). Non-genetically modified rapeseeds are grown in Europe. 

– Wick made from 100% cotton core.

– Burning time. The burning time of all candles may differ from that indicated, it is preliminary, as it is determined by many factors: room temperature, humidity, care of the knob during burning, etc .;

– Features. Each candle is made by hand and its components can be distributed differently. Due to the composition of natural ingredients, the wax can take on different shades, the pigment of the paint can be distributed in layers, stains can form, and due to temperature changes, transport conditions, air gaps and cracks can occur – this is natural. 

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Blue, Green, Nude, Pink, White, Cream, Yellow


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