In order to make purchases through the e-store, you need to settle a Shopping bag of items that you want to buy or to try at home.

When you complete your Shopping bag, you are required to provide information about yourself that is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects: Customers must provide their real name, phone number, address and other requested information as indicated. Moustache.lt ensures that personal information is used just for the processing of orders, payments and to provide you with a personalized shopping experience. We will also use your details to fulfil and deliver your orders and manage your account.

When ordering items, you will be required to choose payment method (more about this in part III.) Also you have to choose a shipping method.

In the last step, you will see all the details of your order that once more you have to check and ensure that all information is correct and true. You have an opportunity to correct any mistakes that you see in your order before making an order. You can change your personal information at any time after your order has been submitted. In this case, you have to notify us immediately at the following e-mail address info@moustache.lt or by telephone 8(656) 12 032. To process your order you must first agree with Moustache.lt terms and conditions. If you haven’t learned about these terms and conditions before, you should do this before confirming your purchase.

When you make an order, Moustache.lt gets a confirmation about it. An order is said to be placed at the same moment when Moustache.lt gets this information. When Moustache.lt gets a confirmation about your order an agreement between a Customer and Moustache.lt is made. However  this agreement is actionable only when Moustache.lt gets confirmation of your payment.

When you make an order, you automatically receive an email with information about the items that you ordered and your personal information.

When Moustache.lt receives confirmation about your payment, the agreement between Customer and Moustache.lt is made and should be executed.

Customers order information is collected in a database.

With making an order a customer is already familiar and agrees with all Moustache.lt conditions.

Agreement is made and executed in Lithuanian language.


All items are described in the e-store.

Moustache.lt has made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors, shapes and other parameters of our products that appear on the Site. However, as computer monitors vary, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color, size, shapes and other parameters will be completely accurate.

Customer agrees to pay the amount that is stated in the order invoice when placing an order.

Prices in the e-store and in the order invoice is denominated in EUROS and with VAT.

Moustache.lt sells items that meet the requirements stated in the order invoice. In that case when received items do not meet requirements of the order, Customer agrees to inform immediately Moustache.lt by telephone, and Moustache.lt commits to take all the actions to remove the defects if these where made because of Moustache.lt fault.

Moustache.lt commits:

  •  to ship Customers items in a good quality and according to the requirements stated in the order.
  • to ship Customers the amount of items that was ordered, Moustache.lt is not responsible if the customer stated an inaccurate amount.
  • when the item comes in a set, Moustache.lt commits to ship all items that come in that set.

All items are shipped securely packed, to protect the items from any damage.


When placing a purchase order, the customer must provide the necessary data for the order fulfilment, including first name, last name, phone number, shipping address and any other information as requested.

The purchase–sale contract is considered to be concluded from the moment of clicking the payment confirmation button.

The order is accepted by us from the moment the customer receives the order confirmation email.

From the moment of clicking the payment confirmation button, the customer undertakes an obligation to make payment for the ordered goods and delivery fee, if applicable.

We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Paysera and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) processed via Paysera system. Please note that depending on the customer’s country of residence, either all or certain payments mentioned above can be available.

We deliver within the territory of Lithuania and all over the world. 

The following delivery fees apply, you can find out more here.

If the customer provides inaccurate information or incorrect shipping address, the latter undertakes an obligation to reimburse us for all related expenses incurred from delivery, etc.

If the customer requires the item to be delivered to a country outside the European Union, the latter undertakes an obligation to pay all import taxes, customs and/or intermediation charges, if applicable, for the transportation or distribution of the items listed in the order. The customer is held responsible for the provision of all the information and documents required by the customs or other authorities of the customer’s country for proper and effective delivery of the ordered item to the customer. We recommend prior to completing the purchase authorization to consult the local customs authorities regarding the final price of the item delivered to the country in question.


Customer can return or exchange items.

Within fourteen days from date the items were shipped to a Customer, items can be returned or exchanged. These rights Customer has because the items don‘t fit the size, color or other parameters. Items can be returned or exchanged when these conditions are met:

  • Items must be returned in the same condition and unused;
  • Items must be returned in the original packaging;
  • Items must have the documents of purchase;
  • Items must have designer garment tags still attached.

Items that cannot be returned or exchanged are:

  • perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries
  • baby’s clothes
  • underwear
  • books and polygraphy
  • socks
  • toys.

When you want to return or exchange an item you should fill out a form which is placed in the Free Returns section. When filling out the form you have to choose if you are returning or exchanging the item, reasons why are you doing it, and all other compulsory sections should be filled.

When you exchange the item, you can receive a specific item or a personal credit code for the amount of the product being exchanged. Code you will be able to use when making any purchase at Moustache.lt

When Moustache.lt doesn‘t have an item that you wish to exchange, you will be fully refunded excluding the shipment costs.

If all conditions stated in part IV section 3 are met we will happily refund you within 15 days.

During sales and other offers returns and exchanges have special conditions.


Deliveries are made in 1-2 days everywhere in Lithuania from the moment Moustache.lt receives confirmation of your payment. This term cannot be applied when Moustache.lt doesn’t have the selected item in stock. In this case Customer is informed immediately. Customer agrees that in some cases delivery can be late, if so Moustache.lt contacts Customer and arranges the delivery.

Customer commits to fill delivery address when ordering online.

Customer commits to be there for the delivery himself. If the customer was not there for the delivery himself, although the items were shipped to the address and based on other information provided when making an order, Customer cannot make any claims about the delivery to another subject.

Deliveries are made by Omniva and LP Express or Lietuvos Paštas companies. If Customer at agreed time cannot accept the delivered items, he (she) should immediately contact Moustache.lt by telephone 8(656) 12 032 or by email info@moustache.lt where Customer should provide alternate delivery information. This change of information can affect delivery time and date.

If shipping company couldn’t deliver items due to the customers fault, hipping company  contacts customer and arranges a new time of the delivery. hipping company makes 3 attempts for the delivery. Moustache.lt is not responsible if the items are not delivered because of the Customers fault.

Customer should immediately inform Moustache.lt if: 

  • items were not shipped in time;
  • if courier acted unprofessionally; 
  • if package received was damaged.

When received package is damaged, Customer should with the courier present fill out a damage report. If this is not done, Moustache.lt cannot be held liable for any damage.

When items are received in other color, size or other parameters that differs from the order, Customer should immediately inform Moustache.lt.


All messages for Moustache.lt should be sent to info@moustache.lt email.

Agreement is made and executed in Lithuanian or English language.

Customer has the right to revoke purchase agreement within seven days without any extra conditions, from the moment of the delivery.

This condition applies when items are not damaged, used, items have designer garment tags still attached.

Moustache.lt within 15 days from Customers massage about agreement rejection, commits to take all actions possible to revoke the agreement. 



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